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At Dipasa, we grow, harvest and process sesame using equipment and methods designed to preserve all nutritional and medicinal value. Our self-engineered, high-tech equipment means we can offer you the world’s highest quality, while also easily tailoring our processes to your specific wishes. We’re recognized as the world’s most reliable processor and supplier of sesame products. We’re knowledgeable, creative and customerdriven. And eager to co-innovate with you. Read more  

Dipasa Sesame Products


Sesame seeds

Sesame is a tasty, versatile ingredient that you can easily integrate in a wide range of food & cuisine applications, whether sweet, savory or exotic. Read more

Seeds & kernels

Dipasa’s wide range of seeds and kernels offers all it takes to fit any modern healthy lifestyle. Easy to apply as ingredients in sweet, savory or exotic food concepts. Read more

Vegetable oils

Our premium vegetable oils extracted from sesame and avocado – both conventional and organic – are pure, healthy and applicable in many food concepts. Read more

Cuisine ingredients

Our cuisine ingredients (tahini, agave nectar and sesame flour) – both conventional and organic – will surprise and satisfy your customers, while also contributing to a balanced diet. Read more

Dipasa worldwide

USA and Canada

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Rest of World

For further information about our products for the South American market, please contact our office in Mexico. Visit


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