The harvest moments and history of sesame seed around the world 24-02-2020

The history of the sesame plant On a clay tablet from the Babylonian culture, dating back to 2000 B.C. it is written in cuneiform writing “sesame spice the gods”, which testifies the esteem that was given to the plant in ancient times. The prized seeds were even placed in Egyptian graves and were found, for […]

6 scientifically proven health benefits of pumpkin kernels 10-02-2020

6 scientifically proven health benefits of pumpkin kernels 10-02-2020 At Dipasa we offer multiple types of pumpkin kernels, like Grown Without Shell-A, Grown Without Shell-AA and shine skin. The variation of these grades differ in color and uniformity. Pumpkin kernels are small, but full of nutrients. A small portion of pumpkin kernels contains substantial fats, […]

How can linseed help you to become healthier 17-01-2020

How can linseed help you to become healthier 17-01-2020 What is linseed? The last few years linseed gained a lot of media attention and can be found nowadays in most big supermarket or health shop. This article is meant to help you decide for yourself if linseeds is something to add to your diet plan. […]

When can a vegetable oil be called virgin, extra virgin or non-virgin? 03-01-2020

Let’s start to explain were the name extra virgin oil came from initially. Extra virgin olive oil is a pure product that is not subjected to heat while pressing the olives. The name ‘extra virgin’ is due to its green colour. In the French language ‘green’ translates to “vert”. the word ‘virgin’ describes the its […]

Clarifying the applications of toasted sesame oil 10-12-2019

Non-toasted sesame oil, mostly cold pressed sesame oil is used for frying in the kitchen or as dressing over salads. Non-toasted sesame oil has a mild taste, sometimes even neutral. It is not sensitive to heat and you can easily cook tempura with it, for example. Toasted sesame oil is suitable for mixing with herbs […]

Five seeds that contribute to a healthy diet 28-10-2019

Seeds contain ingredients to let a plant grow to it’s full potential. This indicates the nutrients in seeds. When seeds are part of a diet on a daily basis, they can contribute to a healthy blood sugar and a decrease cholesterol and blood pressure. We will discuss the nutritional values and health benefits of five […]

An overview of the sesame seed market trends across Europe 18-10-2019

This article will give an in-depth review of the sesame seed market in Europe. We will discuss available import digits, the consumption behavior across Europe and the different forms of consumption. The content of this article is based on recent articles and several reliable sources. We will focus on fiscal year 2017, no reliable and […]

Toasting of seeds & kernels by Dipasa 13-09-2019

Our experience with toasting seeds & kernels At Dipasa we are toasting our oilseeds in our BRC AA certified factory on our state of the art Revtech roasting machine. Due to increasing Food Safety legislation, the toasting of oilseeds becomes more and more popular. There are some advantages and disadvantages concerning toasting seeds and kernels. […]

Avocado oil, a hype or trend? 23-08-2019

Avocado oil and its origin The avocado tree finds its origin in Mexico. An avocado tree can reach a height of 20 meters and is not resistant to winter. The fruit flesh is buttery and light green of color, the taste is nutty and is mostly used in healthy dishes. The fruit is not only […]

Sesame skin, a waste product? 28-06-2019

Sesame bran/skin Dipasa Sesame bran / skin is a product which is rich in calcium and other nutrients. At Dipasa we developed a technique which peels the bran from the sesame seeds, keeping the nutrients intact. SESAME BRAN/SKIN 7 BENEFITS The concentration of total phenolic compounds is very low compared to some fruits, vegetables and […]

4 Health benefits of tahini 07-06-2019

General information of tahini Tahini is a paste that is made out of 100% sesame seeds. It is used in North Africa, Greece, Turkey and mid-eastern dishes. It is a delicious product in combination with meat dishes for example. According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, two spoons of tahini with toasted sesame oil contains […]

Usage of sesame oil, what applications can it be used for? 17-05-2019

General information of sesame oil Let’s start with the industries sesame oil is being used in; the food, cosmetical and pharmaceutical industries. Sesame oil is extracted from the first cold pressing of the sesame seeds. The taste of sesame oil is nutty. Sesame oil has a yellowish color and smells aromatic. It contains a lot […]

Organic, what is it really worth? 26-04-2019

Your company has decided to become organic certified. The first step to become organic certified is to provide a company description, procedure of production or trading, customer complaint procedures, billing procedure, certificates of all the suppliers in the chain and a label of all the product specifications. The process of becoming an organic supplier is […]

The 10 benefits of black sesame seeds 19-04-2019

1.Black sesame seeds have anti-aging properties. Chinese herbal medicine recommends the use of the seeds to delay, and even reverse, common signs of aging like loss of hearing, poor memory, grey hair, and poor eyesight. The iron and B vitamins in the seeds help fight these age-related symptoms. The seeds help prevent the formation of […]