Pumpkinseed Kernel

Pumpkinseed kernels are a delicious, nutritious and popular seed that have been celebrated as far back as 1300 AD when utilized by the ancient Aztecs. They were used as a food and traditional medicine in many Native American tribes and South America, where they were referred to as “pepita de calabaza” meaning “little seed of squash”. Over time, they became popular in North America, Europe and the Mediterranean. They have even travelled the globe as far as Asia where they are used today as an alternative medicine.

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Product Description

Pumpkinseed kernels offer a wide spectrum of health benefits. They’re a fantastic way of adding flavor along with nutrition in your daily foods. Some possible traditional uses of pumpkinseed kernels may include: support a healthy urinary system, helps the body avert urinary disorders, support a healthy prostate, support a healthy cardiovascular system, important source of Vitamins E, C, D, K, and B, protein and healthy fats and source of zinc, magnesium, tryptophan, calcium, potassium, copper, niacin, phosphorus, manganese and iron. Pumpkinseed kernels are an incredible food that can provide broad-spectrum health benefits during any season, not just autumn when they’re most popular. They are delicious served raw, roasted, in salads, desserts, ground down as a healthy casserole topping, and much more. You can also create a homemade pumpkin seed oil that has countless health benefits.


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