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In line with our mission we’d like to stress that your satisfaction is our top priority. To ensure we meet your quality standards we have created our management programs and processes. Our company-wide continuous improvement effort focuses on problem solving and providing the highest level of quality. Instead of lessening problems, Dipasa focuses on getting rid of them altogether. By understanding our top problems, our corrective actions can be targeted and efficient. We teach our team members to be good problem solvers and our managers to be good mentors and coaches. Everyone has the power to make changes and we expect 100% participation as we seek to find ways to improve the quality of our products, our work, workplace and environment.

Our top priority is the focus on food safety in everything we do and one of Dipasa’s corporate business principles, which form the foundation of everything we do. From auditing and selecting potential suppliers to continuously monitoring the performances of our suppliers. We are experienced and qualified to asses their performance and the quality of our final products in order to meet your requirements and expectations. Internally we apply Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP) to ensure the quality of our products and food safety, which covers all aspects of manufacturing.

For the 10th consecutive year Dipasa’s food-grade manufacturing plant has been certified by the British Retail Consortium, a leading trade association, to participate in the industry-driven Global Food Safety Initiative. GFSI participants are recognized worldwide as adhering to the highest standards put forth by the food-manufacturing industry. Since 2018, however, Dipasa exceeded the standard rating of “A” with an rarely awarded “AA” Rating!

At Dipasa, we grow, harvest and process sesame using equipment and methods designed to preserve all nutritional and medicinal value. Our self-engineered, high-tech equipment means we can offer you the world’s highest quality, while also easily tailoring our processes to your specific wishes. We’re recognized as the world’s most reliable processor and supplier of sesame products. We’re knowledgeable, creative and customerdriven. And eager to co-innovate with you.

Some of Dipasa’s certificates can be found here. In case you require one of our certficates, please contact us.


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