Our values

Health and wellbeing lie at the heart of all we stand for

As a food & cuisine manufacturer, there are many great secrets you’d love to spill. You’re proud of your recipes and ingredients. Your processes, your staff, your sourcing. But in today’s world, more and more people buying food are really only interested in three things: ‘Is it healthy?’ ‘Is it tasty?’ ‘Is it safety?’

Health and wellbeing

With Dipasa, you can be sure your answer to those questions will be a double yes. Health and wellbeing lie at the heart of all we stand for. From our natural products and ingredients – such as sesame, recognized since ancient times for its medicinal powers – to our business-boosting co-creation activities and our community support programs. We cultivate and supply health. As for taste, well, just try our products and you will know.

Reliable sesame processor and supplier

With over 40 years of experience, we are recognized as the world’s most reliable sesame processor and supplier. Based in Mexico with sister companies in Europe and the US, we are dedicated to globally exporting some of the world’s best food & cuisine ingredients (conventional and organic):

Our products will turn your food & cuisine concepts into recipes for lasting success. Each ingredient is surprisingly versatile and easy to integrate in a wide range of exciting applications. And our R&D and marketing teams are eager to work with you on new concepts: bars, yoghurts, sauces, supplements, sweet, savory and exotic foods.

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 With our knowledge of seeds & kernels and today’s consumer food trends, we’d love to join hands with you in co-developing new applications that will satisfy your customers. Contact us today to find out how our seeds & kernels can grow your business.