Vegetable oils

Our premium vegetable oils:
versatile & easy-to-use health boosters

Good oil, like good wine, it has been said, is a gift from the gods. At Dipasa, we are happy to offer you this gift in the very best forms available in today’s food and cuisine markets. Our premium vegetable oils extracted from sesame and avocado – both conventional and organic – are pure, healthy and applicable in a wide range of food concepts. They will definitely help you gain a place in the minds of your end customers.

Refined sesame oil

  • Considered as one of the finest oils in the market
  • High quality oil with neutral flavor and odorless
  • Suitable for nutraceuticals and cosmetics as well as for food applications
  • Excellent for (deep) frying due to its high smoke point

Toasted sesame oil

  • Highly stable
  • Dark brown with a strong aroma and a subtle, nutty flavor
  • Ideal as a cooking oil and a condiment
  • Best drizzled on finished dishes or applied at low to medium heat (stir-frying, baking, dipping, dressings)

Extra virgin sesame oil

  • Light in color with a very mild sesame seed aroma and flavor
  • Unrefined and rich in nutritional value
  • Long shelf life
  • Suitable for food applications – cooking and salads – as well as for nutraceuticals and cosmetics

Extra virgin avocado oil

  • Green with a strong avocado aroma
  • Very similar to olive oil
  • An excellent contributor to a healthy, balanced diet
  • Excellent for salad dressing, fish or chicken marinades
    and baked goods
  • Tastes best and is most nutritional when consumed at
    room temperature

Refined avocado oil

  • Pale yellow, odorless
  • Physically refined using all natural ingredients in order
  • preserve nutritional properties
  • Excellent for (deep) frying due to its high smoke point
  • Also used as a dressing for salads and vegetables and in mayonnaise
  • Highly valued for its beneficial effects on the skin


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