Quality products from nature for every industry

Dipasa provides both conventional and organic products, focusing on 3 key industries:


Food industry

Without exception, all our products are used in the food industry. They are healthy and applicable in a wide range of food concepts. Dipasa’s range of products offers all it takes to fit any modern health-conscious lifestile. Within the food industry, our products find their way in: bakery, biscuit & confectionary, snack, health- and ethnic food.

Cosmetic industry

Both sesame oil and avocado oil are of great importance to the cosmetic industry. Both oils have natural moisturizing properties from mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fatty acids making both oils a wonderful moisturizer for the skin. Suitable for skin- and massage creams and oils, and other similar preparations, which are applied directly onto the skin. The emulsifying property of these oils are ideal for the elaboration of smooth creams and soaps.

Pharmaceutical industry

Our refined sesame oil and avocado oil are considered as the finest oils in the market. Both oils are commonly used not only in the food and cosmetic industry but also in the pharmaceutical industry, where a high quality oil with neutral flavor and no aroma is required. Due to its unique characteristics sesame seed oil is used as a pharmaceutical solvent (carrier inside of capsules).

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