Dipasa offers a full range of packaging solutions and services:


For those products that are not processed in our own facilities, we have a worldwide network of suppliers who are approved and certified according to the highest industry standards. As for our Mexican sesame seed, sesame flour, tahini, sesame oil and avocado oil, we have direct access to our production facilities and farms in Mexico which provides us the best way to control the quality of our key products through the whole chain.


Additionally to our own climate controlled warehouse in Enschede, we have a close cooperation with an external logistic provider based in Rotterdam where we have an exclusive climate controlled warehouse at our disposal. From both locations we provide a fast and adequate JIT service to all our European customers.


The recleaning of seeds and kernels is one of our added values to our products. By using several cleaning steps like sieving, gravity separation, magnets, metal detection, colour sorting and X-ray, we are able to obtain the highest quality possible according to nowaday’s industry standards. Increasing standards more and more require elimination and minimizing of potential risks.


As a specialist, we recognize that raw seeds and kernels may lack many of the delicious flavors and aromas that can be created through roasting. For this reason, we realize that many people will be more likely to take advantage  of the nutrient richness found in this food group if their seeds and kernels have been roasted.

Very different from drum roasters or hot air systems, Dipasa has its own continuous, direct contact heating (induction), roasting equipment, enabling us to produce a tailor made quality with a unique roasting grade according to our customers specific requirements. Due to its unique configuration our roaster can also ensure the pasteurization of the product during its roasting, which guarantees eradication of all pathogens like a.o. salmonella, E-coli, yeats, moulds etc.


Blending has become one of the fastest growing activities of Dipasa Europe. Producing tailor made blends of seeds, kernels and flakes,  according to our customers specific and unique requirements, by an accurate and correct blending proces.


Dipasa Europe offers a full range of packaging sizes and materials. From 1kg. food service PE bags to 25 kg. paper bags distribution size to 1000 kg. PP big-bags for industry bulk deliveries. Depending on product we can provide PE bags, paper bags, ALU bags and PP big-bags. For our oils we can provide different kind of packaging from 20 kg. jerrycans to 195 kg. steel drums to 950 kg. steel cage IBC’s or even flexitanks. All our products are completely protected by wrapping foil and/or cartboard boxes during storage and transport.

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