How your health can benefit from oil seeds during the Corona virus 23-03-2020

How your health can benefit from oil seeds during the Corona virus 23-03-2020

The latest developments of the corona crisis in the food industry

Previous virus outbreaks taught us that a virus has never been transmitted through food consumption. As per today, there is no evidence that the Corona virus is transmitted through food consumption (EFSO, 2020). The European Center For Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) states that the Corona virus is mostly transmitted through coughing and sneezing.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has indicated some preventive measures regarding food production. Amongst others, this entails washing your hands before cooking, not eating raw meats and separating cooked and non-cooked food. The virus is not resistant to heat, therefore cooking your food is a good preventive measure. The French health authorities (ANSES) are more cautious in making such statements. They have written a crisis report which indicates that infected persons preparing meals can transmit the virus. Therefore ANSES cannot fully conclude the corona virus is not transmitted via food dishes.

The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (German: Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung, abbreviated BfR) informs that the virus can only survive on certain surfaces for a short period of time.

The Corona virus is set to cause significant economic damage. In The Netherlands the government  has indicated to financially support struggling businesses.

Oil Seeds and the Corona crisis

Why should you eat oil seeds during this Corona crisis, Oil seed  have a long tenability and can be eaten raw, cooked and can be added too many dishes. Just have a look at one of our previous articles were you can find five seeds that contribute to a healthy diet: (USA, 2020).

During the Corona crisis, many people start to buy all kinds of food, but then realize most of it can be thrown away after a few weeks, as they expire. Most oils seeds however can be kept for two years if properly stored.

The human immune system needs protein in order to work properly. Especially for high risk groups, like the elderly. Eating fish, milk products, or  oil seeds  (that also contain a great amount of protein) is important. Consuming a protein rich diet strengthens your body.

Your immune system is one of the best combatants against the Corona virus. Next to avoiding stressful situations and not smoking, eating healthy exercising and getting enough sleep are some of the main features to consider to keep your immune system at peak performance.

At Dipasa we hope the above contributes in answering some questions you may have regarding the implications of seeds & kernels during the corona crises. If you would like specifications or prices regarding our seeds and kernels, do not hesitate to contact our sales department at:


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