4 Health benefits of tahini 07-06-2019

General information of tahini

Tahini is a paste that is made out of 100% sesame seeds. It is used in North Africa, Greece, Turkey and mid-eastern dishes. It is a delicious product in combination with meat dishes for example.

According to the USDA National Nutrient Database, two spoons of tahini with toasted sesame oil contains 178 calories, 16 gram of fat, 6 gram of carbohydrates and 5 grams of protein. The same two spoons will deliver the daily need of thiamine (24%), magnesium (15%), phosphor (22%) and calcium (12%).

Do not be afraid of the level of fat in tahini, these are all good fats and only a small percentage are saturated fats. A small portion of 30-gram sesame seed contains more calcium than beef. They are also well known for their anti-cancer effects. Sesame seeds have great nutrients but because of the hard shell, they are hard to absorb. With tahini, this problem no longer exists, because it is a paste, the nutrients are easily absorbed by the body.

Tahini Types & the 4 health benefits

Tahini can be found in black & white color (brownish). Organic and conventional. The four most important benefits of tahini are:

  1. It is beneficial for your heart.

Sesame seed contains unique lignans & Sesamina, which has been proven to decrease cholesterol significantly. Nutrition Research Center, executed a study with 43 persons, which were given 43 gram of tahini each day. After four weeks the average cholesterol of the persons was decreased by 6,4% to 9,5%.

After this diet, the persons were asked to return to their regular diet. After four weeks, their cholesterol level was on its original level again. Tahini is rich in single and multiple unsaturated fats. Some studies have even shown that this reduced the chance on heart diseases and strokes.

  1. Reduced the chance on cancer.

Lignans & chemical fabrics are found in several plants, and have the same structure as estrogen. The Sesamina & lignans in tahini can bind to the estrogen receptors. This protects the body cells against the hormone that is related to cancer.

  1. Beneficial for arteritis patients.

In a study which is published by the international journal of rheumatic diseases, some patients with knee arthroses were given sesame seed. 40 gram per day in powder form (which is more or likely the same at two spoons of tahini). The effect on the patients were great, more than half of the patients indicated that there was less pain and less side effect from the medication they were given. Almost every patient indicated that their overall condition improved significantly.

  1. Healthy for bones.

A high level of magnesium is crucial in keeping healthy bones. Adequate magnesium is associated with a better bone density and keeps the bones strong. There is also less chance on osteoporosis with women in their menopause.

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