Avocado and sesame oil in the cosmetical industry 07-08-2020

Avocado and sesame oil in the cosmetical industry 07-08-2020

Avocado oil and sesame oil have been widely used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, be it on a smaller scale in than the food industry. Nevertheless, cosmetics and pharma are popular markets that show great potential. Avocado oil shampoo and ointments with ultra-refined sesame oil are becoming common products in these industries.

Avocado oil and the cosmetics industry

Avocado oil contains promising nutritional values, like its richness in protein, vitamin C, D and E. Because of this, it’s a great addition for shampoos and skincare products. They nourish both hair and  skin. Oils of any kind have a much higher chance of absorbing into skin versus water-based ingredients because they can go through the intercellular matrix or through the follicular route of the skin. Together with sesame seed oil, avocado oil has the highest natural SPF amongst vegetable oils, making it nature’s very own sunblock. Some benefits from using avocado oil in the cosmetics and skincare industry:

– Deep penetration of the skin, making it nourishing into the deeper layers of the skin

– Nourishes dry skin tissue

– Protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation (as a sunblock)

– Protects the skin for damage

There is some debate about calling avocado oil ‘essential’ or ‘carrier’ oil. Essential vegetable oils tend to be rich in smell. Avocado oil however has a particular smell, but not very strong. Carrier oils are thick and colored, therefore some people state avocado oil can be classified as a carrier oil. Avocado oil is a great moisturizing oil and works it magic best on people with dry skin. People with already oily skin will not absorb the avocado oil as well.

Sesame oil and the cosmetics industry

Sesame oil is also used in the cosmetics industry, next to the food industry. It has been proven to be an effective oil to nourish and hydrate the skin, just like avocado oil It can be beneficial for people with scar tissue, acne or sensitive skin. It’s a great moisturizer and can be used for massage purposes as well (Morawska, K., Festinger, N., Chwatko, G., Głowacki, R., Ciesielski, W., & Smarzewska, S. (2020).

Because of the wide range of applications, sesame oil is refined and sometimes ultra-refined to later be produced into cremes, shampoos and even mouth wash. Pure 100% sesame oil can be used as mouth wash, before brushing your teeth. This process removes bacteria and plaque and is called “oil-pulling”. Washing your mouth with 2 tablespoons of pure cold pressed sesame oil for around 10-15 minutes will rinse microbes right out of your mouth.

Hair care is another application of sesame oil & avocado oil in the cosmetics industry. Sesame oil stimulates hair growth and gives the hair a natural sheen. It is also great for preventing the hair color from fading or turning gray, as it stimulates natural hair color (Wu, X., Zhao, Z., Tian, R., Shang, Z., & Liu, H. (2020).

At Dipasa we hope the above contributes in answering some questions you may have regarding sesame and avocado oil in relation to the cosmetical industry. If you would like additional information, do not hesitate to contact our sales department at: sales@dipasa.nl


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