Clarification about chia seeds 05-04-2019

There is a lot misunderstanding regarding chia seeds these days. Dipasa wants to bring some facts to you about chia seeds:

1.100 grams of chia seed contains (on average) 490 calories (source: The majority of these calories are indigestible dietary fibers. This means the body will not adopt these calories.

2.Chia seeds exists, measured in weight of 40% dietary fiber, which makes it a great source for dietary fibers (source:

3.Chia seeds are also rich in anti-oxidants. It is so rich in anti-oxidants, that all fatty acids are protected for a period until four years and protects the seeds from becoming bad. Chia seeds are one of the richest anti-oxidants sources that mother nature has to offer.

4.Anti-oxidants are important for skin recovery and prevents the skin from becoming old.

5.Chia seeds are also a very good source of vegetable proteins. They contain essential amino acids, which is quite unique for vegetable proteins. This is why it is a great source of proteins for vegetarians and vegans (and of course anyone who wants to eat less meat).

6.Considering the fact that chia seeds are rich in dietary fibers we can assume it is also good for people who have diabetes or want to prevent diabetes.

7.One study was conducted regarding chia seeds in relation with a high blood pressure. For a period of one year, one group got 35 gram chia flour (which is grinded chia seeds) and the placebo group got none. After one year the blood pressure of the placebo group was the same, the chia group got a significant decrease in blood pressure.

As Dipasa we hope this contributes to some questions you may have about chia seeds. If you would like specifications or prices regarding Chia do not hesitate to contact our sales department at: