Clarifying the applications of toasted sesame oil 10-12-2019

Non-toasted sesame oil, mostly cold pressed sesame oil is used for frying in the kitchen or as dressing over salads. Non-toasted sesame oil has a mild taste, sometimes even neutral. It is not sensitive to heat and you can easily cook tempura with it, for example.

Toasted sesame oil is suitable for mixing with herbs and refining meat. It is an excellent addition to chicken or duck meals.

What is toasted sesame oil?

Toasted sesame oil is pressed out of white or black toasted sesame seeds. The oil color is dark and has an intense nutty taste. Most producers of toasted sesame oil use natural (or unhulled) sesame seeds.

(Toasted) sesame oil is healthy and contain sesamol and sesaminol; antioxidants, that inhibit oxidation and help reduce cell damage caused by free radicals. An accumulation of free radicals in your cells may lead to inflammation and disease (1).

At Dipasa we offer two types of toasted sesame oil, light toasted sesame oil and heavy toasted sesame oil. These types differ in the intensity of toasting the seeds, light toasted sesame oil is produced with the normal toasted sesame seed, resulting in a normal toasty taste, were heavy toasted sesame oil is produced with heavy toasted sesame seeds, resulting in a nice potent toasty taste.

The process between the two types is also different and the oil content of heavy toasted sesame seeds is supposed to be significantly less than normal toasted. Light toasted sesame oil is the most regular used toasted sesame oil.

How can you use toasted sesame oil?

Sesame oil is mainly used in Asian cuisine to give a dish more taste and is added to a meal afterwards, not during cooking. Most cooks advise against (stir) frying or cooking with toasted sesame oil, as it will burn fast and decrease the taste significantly. It is delicious as a cold dressing, for salads and other cold dishes.

At Dipasa we recommend using toasted sesame oil in fish, vegetable dishes, mixtures of seeds and kernels, mushrooms and vegetarian / vegan dishes. You will notice that these dishes will become much more tasty with the strong aroma of toasted sesame oil.  We hope this column answers some questions you may have about toasted sesame oil.

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