Corporate social responsibility and Dipasa Europe BV 06-04-2020

Corporate social responsibility and Dipasa Europe BV 06-04-2020

At Dipasa we are very committed to corporate and social responsibility and try to contribute were we can. Many of our customers are asking us about our commitment and of our pre-suppliers. Because of this, we have made a corporate policy about this topic, which enables us to voice our views and beliefs on this topic.

Below you will find some food for thought on how participating in corporate social responsibility and writing up a policy could benefit your company:

– Having a solid corporate social responsibility policy could make your company more transparent to potential customers

– It could diminish some future corporate risks

– It could increase your brand value

– Contributing to the community could make your company more attractive as a (future) employer and as a supplier to your customers

Some drawbacks:

– Getting to know the appropriate standards can be difficult

– getting everybody in the supply chain on board can be quite an effort

– finding the resources and manpower to put a policy in place needs some work

– maintaining the policy in practice can be a lot of work

– your efforts may look small in comparison to your competitors at the beginning

Corporate social responsibility doesn’t stop at decreasing your company’s carbon footprint. Acting ethically, transparently, and contributing to the welfare of society are at the basis of this concept. Caring for the environment, helping local communities, farmers, as well as your own employees, or taking part in township meetings are all part of this endeavor.

What influence do your corporate decisions have on the environment, your own staff, society in general, all the way down through the supply chain. Making sure all involving parties in the supply chain are identified and are all onboard with your goals is essential. Any company can set those goals for themselves. Taking small steps can get you a long way in seeing what you are already doing and in which direction you would like to take it to build on it.

1.1 corporate social responsibility at Dipasa Europe BV

To show how easy it is for you to get involved with social responsibility, here are some of our own easy to manage implementations. Maybe these will inspire you to also get on board and take the first step, especially Food related companies.

At Dipasa we classify organic waste material (raw material) as products that does not meet the requirements of our specifications, it can still get a second life as bio fuel, though. All this product is gathered and shipped off to a bio fuel producer.

All paper and plastic waste is gathered and recycled by an external company. We use solar panels to help power our plant and machines. We choose to use electricity from a green renewable energy supplier (e.g. wind energy) We do not use natural gas in our entire facility. All our windows are double pane insulated windows. The walls have extra insulation to keep heat in during winter and keep heat out during summer. Our building has been fitted with low energy consuming LED lights. All our office computers are fitted with low energy consuming LED screens. We shut down our office computers at the end of the working hours. We make sure our employees have a safe and comfortable working environment, honest wages and working hours.

Once you have an idea of what your own local effect is in regard to social responsibility, you should look further down the supply chain. For instance, all the suppliers of Dipasa Europe BV are audited on a regular basis. Corporate social responsibility questions are now integrated in that audit to get a better understanding of those topics and to see if they align with our beliefs. In Europe we have certain regulations regarding minimum wages, health and safety and housing standards. In countries outside of Europe this could be different. This is why we have a company policy to address these topics with our suppliers in order to assure this is in compliance with our values, company principles and goals.

At Dipasa we hope the above contributes in answering some questions regarding corporate social responsibility and how Dipasa tackled this topic. If you would like additional information, do not hesitate to contact our sales department at: