Dipasa Europe market screening 06-11-2020

Dipasa Europe market screening 06-11-2020


Dipasa Europe’s market review with information about relevant markets. We hope that this information is an addition to any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us via sales@dipasa.nl for any additional questions or quotations.


Sesame seeds

Prices of sesame seeds are rising on a weekly basis because of the current ethylene oxide crises. According to estimations about 30 to 50% of European stock Indian sesame seeds  could be contaminated. The limitations of ethylene oxide in Europe are very low, maximum 0,05 PPM, while Canada and USA allow 7.0 PPM+. We notice a shift to other origins like Africa and South America and globally prices are moving up. The huge backlog in supply is causing severe shortages in the market.


Because sesame seeds prices from India rise at this moment , other origins also rise in price. Some companies choose to cover their needs for 2021 at this moment.


Pumpkin kernels

The market for pumpkin kernels with origin China is coming down slightly. After a month of price increases, especially shine skin is coming down. There is a low demand because of COVID-19 and European importers are waiting for lower prices. Because of the low demand, processors in origin are also slow in collecting the pumpkin kernels. If this case does continue, prices will probably decrease even more.


The GWS grade pumpkin kernels are also slowly coming down. The GWS harvest is lower than the shine skin harvest this year. In comparison with last year crop the actual GWS crop is more or less the same, but because of the low demand we foresee a slight price decrease but not as big as shine skin.


The total crop for European pumpkin kernels is being harvested. It is already possible to offer, slowly processors are proposing quantities and prices. As for past years, we expect that this year the European pumpkin kernel market will be sold out within weeks, some companies choose to close already.



Some companies shift to flaxseeds while sesame seeds are hard to get by. Therefore demand in flaxseed is growing. The harvest of both brown and yellow linseed is less than in 2019. Due to dry weather and low yields there is only little to offer. Brown linseed is accounting for around 80% of the total flaxseed market, yellow flaxseed is around 20%.


Sunflower kernels

Prices are stable after a significant rise in price. Because of the damaged crop this year, prices will probably rise slightly on its way to the new harvest.  Some facts about the sunflower kernel markt:


-The production in Russia and Kazakhstan decreased up to 20% this year

-The global production of sunflower kernels decreased by 2%

-Most of the price increases are caused by default contracts

-The dry weather in Europe is already threatening the sunflower kernels crop of 2021


*Kindly note that the information was made on 06-11-2020 and that markets are fluctuating on a daily basis.