Dipasa Europe market screening 08-07-2021

Dipasa Europe market screening 08-07-2021

Dipasa Europe’s market review with information about relevant markets. We hope that this information is an addition to any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us via sales@dipasa.nl for any additional questions or quotations.

Sesame seeds

After months of price increases, sesame seeds prices are now more stable. The only big problem at the moment is availability.

The harvest of South American sesame seeds is almost finished. Most prices are known and the exact harvesting months can be found at our blog post: https://www.dipasa.nl/dipasa-europes-harvesting-information/. Most of Dipasa’s sesame seeds are sourced in South America, especially natural sesame seeds.

Prices for hulled sesame seeds are stable with the origins from Nigeria and Pakistan. New crop of hulled sesame seeds with African origin will be known in November. There is a world wide shortage of organic natural and hulled sesame seeds mainly because of world wide delays due to Covid – 19 and shortage in available containers and also raw material shortages.

The Indian crop of sesame seed this year is expected to be lower compared to 2020 and will probably come out in September/October.

Pumpkin kernels

The market of pumpkin kernels is still very unstable, especially with origin China. The reason of this instability is that freights costs are still increasing on a weekly basis because of container shortages. Raw material prices are stable for 2 months now.

European pumpkin kernels are almost sold out before the new crop, we are still able to offer small quantities of the organic type. New crop will arrive around October 2021.

For the new crop pumpkin seeds with Chinese origin we can provide the following information:

Shine Skin type pumpkin kernels: the crop size looks sufficient and comparable with last year. Prices will probably drop slightly going to September/October. In November the total crop size will be offered and known. It is too early now to see what will happen with the price, the demand for Shine Skin is increasing on a yearly basis; especially Shine Skin A grade, which resulted in a significant shortage during 2021. Shine Skin AA crop is expected to be similar to 2020 crop.

GWS type pumpkin kernels: the total crop size planted is around 5% larger compared to 2020. The new crop prices will drop slightly compared to the current price levels if the weather conditions remain stable until the new harvest.


Prices of brown and yellow linseeds are still rising slightly because of raw material shortage.

Brown linseeds crop will be known in September/October 2021. The sowing is delayed because of dry weather, therefore we advise to wait until the market is known in total.

A second alternative for yellow linseeds is the origin Canada, last year the crop was good and the expectations is the same for this year. We can offer this type during July/August.

Sunflower kernels

Prices are stable after a significant rise in price. Some processors in origin are already offering the new crop of sunflower seeds. We are offering our customers who require prices now , but it is still rather early since the total crop size is still not known yet. There are some factors that will determine the total crop size, to mention a few:

1) Expected higher production worldwide has pressured the market.

2) Argentina and Brazil are facing weather problems bringing agricultural crops down.

3) Weather development for the coming months.

4) Development of mineral oil prices are important as vegetable oils are used as feedstock for biodiesel.


There is no significant price decrease to be expected from current crop prices. The above factors will determine how the new crop prices will be in the end.

Hulled millet

Since the arrival of the crop in 2020 prices have increased up to 45%. The estimation is that the area for the current crop will be around 25% less in comparison to last year crop. The harvest is expected in August and until the new crop arrives prices will probably slightly increase/stabilize.

*Kindly note that this information is dated 08-07-2021 and that markets are fluctuating on a daily basis.