Dipasa Europe market screening 18-11-2021

Dipasa Europe market screening 18-11-2021

Dipasa Europe’s market review with information about some major seed, kernel & vegetable oil markets. We hope that this information is an addition to any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us via sales@dipasa.nl for any additional questions or quotations.

Sesame seeds

Indian harvest is late and rain has affected size and quality of the new crop. South America is sold out and next harvest is expected in February/March 2022. The Supply from Ethiopia and Sudan is almost zero and other country’s crops are expected during December, January and February.

Nigerian’s new crop is being offered at high levels and shipment as from January only. Nigeria is still suffering from Covid and facing infrastructural and logistic difficulties. If we add the escalating freight charges, limited vessel capacities and increased port inspections, we come to the conclusion that prices will remain firm, at least for the first half of 2022.

Pumpkin kernels

The total crop in China is out and we will outline the two main variants of pumpkin seeds.

Shine Skin pumpkin seeds market is stable after an increase in price. The problem in the shine skin market now is to collect big quantities from the Farmers. There are market speculators who buy large quantities and hold these. The risk is that when the farmers run out of product these speculators will further increase the price. The expectation is that the shine skin market is going up after the Chinese New Year (1 February 2022).

For the GWS pumpkin seed market prices are unstable. The most product is bought by suppliers and speculators holding it in their warehouse. Around 4000-5000mts are expected to be stored in public warehouses at the moment. These processors and speculators are not planning to sell this at the moment. The expectations are that the GWS market will further increase. When the market for GWS pumpkin seeds is too high, some customers will shift to shine skin instead of GWS.

There is also a crop in Poland for pumpkin seeds. Because of the shift to more European seeds and kernels Dipasa Europe is in direct contact with the farmers in Poland as well. We reclean these pumpkin seed at our factory in Enschede. The Gleisdorfer quality pumpkin seed market for conventional is out and we are able to offer this at a competitive price. As for organic Gleisdorfer quality pumpkin seeds, Dipasa Europe will be able to offer this as from the beginning of december 2021 again.


As with pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds are limited available. Yellow linseed is hard to come by because of the damaged harvest in Canada. Prices of yellow flaxseeds in Canada are way above 2,000$ FOB and the market is not willing to pay such prices.

Farmers in Kazakhstan, Russia and Europe are slowly offering the harvested product now but they are aware of the limited supply and are asking higher prices. Next to that speculators drive up the price as well. Dipasa Europe was still able to close some quantities on brown and yellow linseeds, contact us for more information.

Sunflower kernels

The prices are stable after a price increase from the start of the harvest 2 months ago. Farmers in Bulgaria depend on subsidies and therefore have no urge to sell sunflower seeds any time soon. The sunflower seed market is in close relation to rapeseed (these prices are also high at the moment).

Hulled millet

The total crop is out and currently prices are stable. However, an increase in price is expected in the coming months.  A new quota for millet seed in Ukraine is still to be determined. We outlined the impact of COVID-19 on the millet market:

COVID-19 analysis

  • Millet seeds industry was slightly positively impacted during the pandemic, owing to increased demand of healthy foods.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the export of millet to the western countries, but increased local demand in Asia-Pacific and Africa, which led to increased sales.
  • Increase in demand for natural and organic foods is expected to create high demand for organic millets market.

Vegetable oils

Sesame oil prices are slightly increasing as the raw material have seen a price increase in the past months. Next to this the dollar is regaining its strength. We are able to offer extra virgin, refined and toasted sesame oils directly from our production site in Mexico.

The harvest in Kenia for avocado’s during the year 2021 is damaged because of heavy rains. We have a limited supply of avocado oil at the moment. We are still able to book additional quantities of refined and conventional extra virgin avocado oil but in limited quantities (origin Mexico). Organic extra virgin avocado oil is sold out for this year, we are awaiting new containers from the new crop in 2022.

We have some organic macadamia oil on stock from 2021 harvest, next to this we can also still book additional volumes.

*Kindly note that this information is dated 18-11-2021 and that markets are fluctuating on a daily basis.