Dutch Pumpkin seeds Gleisdorfer from Dipasa Europe! 28-09-2022

Dutch Pumpkin seeds Gleisdorfer from Dipasa Europe! 28-09-2022

Dipasa Europe now offers recleaned pumpkin seeds Gleisdorfer quality directly from Dutch farms!

A while ago we came in contact with a Dutch farmer that had just entered into the pumpkin kernel market. They were conducting market research and came across Dipasa, after we answered their questions (about 1.5 year ago), they started with trails and now a considerable number of pumpkin seeds are harvested on a yearly basis.

We have audited and approved this farmer that is growing vegetables and fruits on a larger scale. They farm Appels, Pumpkin & leek. Leek is a pretty tough vegetable to grow & harvest. The dependability and pressure from this market has been the trigger for this farmer to start with pumpkin seeds.

This farm is a family-owned business and the father of the family has experience in Austria. They have learned the process of harvesting pumpkin seeds and even have Austrian machinery to harvest the Dutch pumpkin seed. The pumpkins are harvested by using spikes, the spikes make sure the pumpkins stick to the machine. After they fall into the machine the skin and pumpkin flesh is spread onto the soil as a fertilizer. Most people think the flesh and skin are edible, which they are not. Within 4 days most of the flesh and skin has dissolved into the soil.

Pumpkin seed is relatively new in The Netherlands. Pumpkins are grown and harvested already a long time ago in the Netherlands, but solely for decorative purposes and direct consumption. This new breed of pumpkin seeds is called “oily pumpkin”, which is meant for direct consumption and oil. After harvesting the pumpkin, the seeds are dried in a big container for approximately 12 hours. After this they are recleaned and ready for further processing.


  • We can offer conventional and organic pumpkin seed.
  • After drying the pumpkin seed, they lose around 50% of their original weight (because of the moisture content).
  • 1 pumpkin contains roughly 60 grams of seeds.
  • The capacity next year will be approximately 60 tons.
  • Dipasa Europe will reclean the seeds and kernels and we also have the possibility to toast them at our site in Enschede.