Sesame skin, a waste product? 28-06-2019

Sesame bran/skin Dipasa

Sesame bran / skin is a product which is rich in calcium and other nutrients. At Dipasa we developed a technique which peels the bran from the sesame seeds, keeping the nutrients intact.


  • The concentration of total phenolic compounds is very low compared to some fruits, vegetables and wheat bran.
  • The antioxidant capacity is very low compared to some fruits, vegetables. However it is slightly higher than the antioxidant capacity of wheat bran.
  • The concentration of ferulic acid is significantly higher than the concentration present in some commercial brans, however, it is significantly lower compared to the concentration present in wheat bran and corn bran.
  • The fraction of soluble fiber present in sesame bran is much higher than the percentage present in most commercial brans.
  • The fraction of insoluble fiber present is similar to the percentage present in wheat bran.
  • Sesame bran represents an excellent source of dietary fiber.
  • The concentration of vitamin C is significantly lower than that present in the daily sources of this nutraceutical.


Results vs. Other products. The calcium concentration is significantly higher than that present in all other cereals and brans used in the industry. The concentration is even similar to that present in the low fat cheese*, one of the most important calcium sources for the human body (USDA Database).*The calcium in the low fat cheese and other dairy products, is found free for absorption in a very high percentage vs. cereals, which contains many antinutritional factors.

Sesame bran/skin in comparison to some other high calcium products:

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