The applications and benefits of hemp seeds 2020 08-05-2020

The applications and benefits of hemp seeds 2020 08-05-2020

Very few people know that hemp seed is an important food source in many cultures around the world. In recent year there has been an increase in research on hemp seeds, as it has the potential as a food supplement, due to its high nutritional value. Most commonly, hemp seed contains around 30% unsaturated fatty acids and around 30% of protein. This makes hemp seeds a good contester to be labeled as “super food”.

Like other classified “super foods”, hemp seed contains a number of rich minerals like calcium, potassium, zinc, and also vitamins. The B-vitamins are deemed to be important in feeling more vital. Vitamin E (also present in hemp seeds) stimulates brain activity. Next to all these nutrients, hemp seed also contains antioxidants, which stimulates liver function and helps the immune system.

A major health benefit of hemp seed is that it supports a good sleeping pattern. Hemp seed is rich in magnesium. Magnesium is closely related to the production of hormones that improve a better sleeping pattern. Under the influence of magnesium the body can release more serotonin, which are transferred in the brain to melatonin. Melatonin plays an important role in preventing insomnia (Cbi., 2019, USDA, 2020).

Hemp seed applications

The recommended consumption for adults is two table spoons of hemp seed per day. Some of the most common  applications are listed below

– sprinkling them over your salad.

– adding hemp seed to your breakfast cereals.

– as a basis for hummus or in addition to the main ingredient of hummus; chickpeas.

– adding them to cold starters, like carpaccio.

– as an addition to soups and smoothies.

Because of the high protein content in hemp seed, professionals athletes often use them as a part of their diet. Protein are the most important factor in building and maintaining  muscle mass. Hemp seeds consists up to 2/3th of  protein  Some studies show that the quality of animal derived protein is slowly declining because of antibiotics, consumed by cattle. It is not uncommon that the cheapest foods are given to cattle and because of this, combined with the antibiotic usage, professional athletes are switching to plant based substitutes of good protein, like hemp seed.

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