(Toasted) sesame flour, what are the applications? 26-06-2020

(Toasted) sesame flour, what are the applications? 26-06-2020

Sesame flour is made from sesame seeds and has an appearance of white flour. It contains up to 15% of fiber, is rich in protein and is gluten free. It is a great addition to a high fiber diet. Fibers have a positive effect on cholesterol levels and stimulates digestion. Some applications of sesame flour are to bake bread, make hummus or as an addition to baked dishes. Sesame flour contains less carbohydrates than regular flour, therefore it is a good addition to a low-carb diet (USDA, 2020).

Sesame flour contains only a third of the fat from regular sesame seeds, making it a great contender as a ”light” ingredient for cooking and baking. Sesame flour (especially toasted sesame flour) is a great ingredient to add to any protein bread. In the last decade there has been an increase in interest as well as research for protein-based products. The popular switch from eating meat products to eating more plant-based products has also been a significant contributing factor to this phenomenon. The rise in protein drink sales is another example of this shift in consumption behavior. Some distributers and manufacturers of these drinks grew with more than 30% per year. It is safe to say that as of late, plant-based protein products (like sesame flour) have gained more interest.

Sesamina; flour, but with added health benefits

Sesamina is a finely granulated flour made from sesame flour. There are some promising health benefits that come with it. The sesame bran for example, has a high protein content (up to 60%) and fiber level, making it suitable for professional athletes, as an addition to their diet.

A study on sesame bran published in the Journal of Food (Cyta) stated: “The fraction of soluble fiber present in the sesame bran is significantly higher than the fraction present in the most important daily source of this nutraceutical: oats”. The amount of sesamol (an anti-oxidant that is known to have anticancer characteristics) found in Sesamina, exceeds that of sesame seeds”. (Cyta, journal of food, 2018).

As Sesamina can contain up to 60% of protein, it makes it highly suitable for bread and baking products like pasta, noodles, nutrition bars or cereals. In powder form, it can also be of help when used in weight loss diets and programs. Because of the high protein content, a small amount of Sesamina can make you feel full. This can help dieters hit their weight loss goals faster. Sesame flour has a mild and nutty taste, therefore it has caught the attention of ice cream and cookie manufacturers.

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