Toasting of seeds & kernels by Dipasa 13-09-2019

Our experience with toasting seeds & kernels

At Dipasa we are toasting our oilseeds in our BRC AA certified factory on our state of the art Revtech roasting machine. Due to increasing Food Safety legislation, the toasting of oilseeds becomes more and more popular. There are some advantages and disadvantages concerning toasting seeds and kernels.

One small disadvantage is that the best before date of any toasted seed or kernel is decreased. The bigger seed, the more the chance this seed will become rancid. For instance sunflower kernels can become rancid after a short period, whereas at sesame seeds the toasted taste will fade away after circa 12 – months. Toasted sesame seed will not become rancid. We are extending the Best Before date of toasted sunflower kernels by packing this product in vacuum aluminum bags which prevents the toasted sunflower from getting rancid.

Giving an extra “bite” to bread products, healthy bars or dishes is an example of why toasting is an outcome for many applications. At Dipasa we provide a tailor made, toasted product and fresh available. We are capable of adjust the toasting standards to the wishes of our customer. Our machine has a retention time of around 8 minutes but the heat adjustment (between 100-220 degrees) is what makes our product tailor made.

The three different types of toasting we provide are:

  1. heavy toasted product (intense toasting flavour)
  2. normal toasted product (pronounced toasty taste)
  3. heat treatment product (original raw seed taste)

Three benefits of toasting

  1. eliminating eventual present too high microbiological values and/or salmonella.
  2. increasing the organoleptic parameters taste, smell and appearance
  3. heat treatment will keep the smell, taste and appearance

Heat treating seeds is an outcome for example sushi manufacturers. It will keep the same appearance, taste and smell but will eliminate the chance of cross contamination. Like black sesame seeds on raw sushi in combination with fish. Heat treating the black sesame seeds will not be noticed by the consumer, but all the risk of microbiological contamination is eliminated.

As Dipasa we hope this contributes to some questions you may have about toasting. If you would like specifications or have any other questions regarding our toasting process, do not hesitate to contact our sales department or at our shop: